About Us


In 1926, the fearless, bright-eyed Mary was born in a small, southern town. She was raised to cook, clean, and sew, but her heart was somewhere else. At the ripe age of 17, she packed her bags, put on her best dress and headed to the city. 


She got a job, a college degree, a husband (or a few), had children, and lived an unstoppable life. Mary traveled far and wide, accumulating friends along the way. She was restless and pioneer of life.


Mary was a walking contradiction: Strong and resourceful yet always graceful and feminine. Always polite but had a wicked sense of humor and loved a bawdy joke. She loved a great party. She was unabashed, unapologetic, and lived her life to the fullest.


My grandmother Mary was original, feminine, glamorous, courageous and sincerely, Mary.


Mary taught me that anyone can buy fashion, but style is individual. Mary & Mabel offers a ready-to-wear collection for women who are proof you can play hard but work harder. Women who stay up late, but are always early. Women who love morning coffee and evening wine. Women that love adventures, both big and small.


We love our clothes, but we love the women that wear them more.

We are Mary & Mabel.